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Among other books, Thomas E. Uharriet reveals the teachings of
Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, and Huang Po in Haiku,
and the ideas of Sir Paul McCartney encoded acrostically.
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  Books Authored or Co-Authored by Thomas E. Uharriet

Enlightened Haiku

Enlightened Haiku: Volume 1
With his illuminating haiku books of ancient Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen Buddhism, Thomas E. Uharriet presented the enlightened ideas of the ages in bite-sized pieces. Now, in the Enlightened Haiku series, he uses that same easily understood format to share beautiful uplifting ideas that are timeless and timely today.
AMAZON Kindle $4.99

Enlightened Haiku vol 1, by Thomas E Uharriet
Enlightened Haiku vol 2, by Thomas E Uharriet

Enlightened Haiku: Volume 2
This second volume in the Enlightened Haiku series has the same quality of beautiful, uplifting, inspirational messages that delighted you in the first volume.
AMAZON Kindle $4.99

Enlightened Haiku
Teachings of Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, and Huang Po in Bite-Sized Pieces

Teachings of Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, and Huang Po in Bite-Sized Pieces
Now, at a tremendous savings to you, you may enjoy the first four volumes of this series by Thomas E. Uharriet all in one 500 page book! This book consists of The Gospel of Thomas in Haiku, The Haiku Gita, The Haiku Tao Te Ching, and Zen Haiku. This compilation does not include the hundreds of color images found below in the digital versions.
Paperback $18.88

This volume comprises four books from the series:

Haiku of Ancient Wisdom
for Enlightenment

The Gospel of Thommas

The Gospel of Thomas in Haiku
The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of sayings by Jesus recorded by Thomas Didymos.  This early Christian text is one of fifty-two writings of the Nag Hammadi library discovered near Egypt, in December 1945.  The first English translation was published in 1959.  Now there are numerous English translations.  Over a dozen of them were consulted to create this new haiku version.
Paperback $5.55 AMAZON Kindle $2.99

Sayings of Jesus
Recorded by Saint Thomas
Offered in Haiku
The Haiku Gita

The Haiku Gita
The Bhagavad-Gita is one of the world's oldest, and most spiritual, texts. This book renders Krishna's wisdom in the simple Haiku format, making it easy to understand and assimilate.  Thomas E. Uharriet also explains Krishna in light of the teachings of Jesus.
Paperback $9.77
, AMAZON Kindle $7.77

Receive the Brilliance
of the Bhagavad-Gita
through Simple Haiku.
The Haiku Tao Te Ching

The Haiku Tao Te Ching
The Tao Te Ching is a fundamental book of Taoism. Its empowering peaceful philosophy has enlightened minds for millennia.  Now, in this new simplified Haiku format by Thomas E. Uharriet, the Tao Te Ching concepts are brought into focus, making it easier than ever to "Learn of the Tao.  Align with the Tao.  Then be the Tao.  Be the way."
Paperback $8.88 SALE PRICE $5.99,
Paperback with Illustrations $44.44, HardCover with Illustrations $47.47.
Digital $7.77 at AMAZON Kindle, B&N Nook, Smashwords, and KOBO.

The Complete Text of
the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
in Modern Haiku.

Zen Haiku

Zen Haiku
Haiku derived from
the Zen Teachings of Huang Po
on Mind Transmission
Your Choice of Two Sizes of Paperback for $8.88: 5"x8" and 6"x9".
Digital $6.88 at: AMAZON Kindle, B&N Nook, KOBO, and Smashwords.

Ancient Zen wisdom
in easy to understand
haiku poetry!

Encoded Memoirs
Based on the Perspective of
Sir Paul McCartney

Billy's Back!

Billy's Back! Selections from The Memoirs of Billy Shears
If you still don't believe that "Paul is Dead," you have not yet read this book! Read it as an amazing "Paul is Dead" fantasy as you have never heard it before, including verifiable facts about William Shepherd taking over The Beatles and the McCartney estate. Besides many song and album clues that even the experts have missed, you will also learn the hard physical evidence.

Beatles Enlightenment

Beatles Enlightenment Selections from The Memoirs of Billy Shears
This book builds on Billy's Back!, but takes you deeper psychologically, not only exposing the "Paul is Dead" meanings in songs such as "Let It Be," "Within You and Without You," “Across the Universe,” and “The Long and Winding Road,” but also revealing the emotional anguish and ultimate liberating spiritual breakthroughs behind these and other Beatles songs.

Billy Shears Acrostical Decoding

Billy Shears Acrostical Decoding
This booklet assists those who accept the challenge of breaking the secret code of the hidden acrostical message running through the printed versions of the four following books (Billy's Back!, Beatles Enlightenment, The Talent Contest, and The Memoirs of Billy Shears). After reading each chapter from those books, you will have the context to appreciate the hidden message concealed in that portion of the acrostical puzzle.

The Talent Contest
The Talent Contest
This final chapter of The Memoirs of Billy Shears includes the lyrics to 28 previously unpublished songs that you will enjoy as poetry about love, money, the death of Paul, a subterranean reptilian, and more. Most of these songs support and extend the book content, and are also part of a future worldwide talent contest.
The Memoirs of Billy Shears

The Memoirs of Billy Shears
The unabridged story of how and why William Shepherd replaced Paul McCartney in The Beatles, bringing many astonishing facts to light that have been hidden for decades. The book is the source for the books above, and also includes nine chapters that were not selected for those compilations. his book also includes the world's longest acrostic, spanning over 600 pages.

A Charlene Heiss and
Thomas E. Uharriet

12 Days of Pumpkin

12 Days of Pumpkin
This counting book, written to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," is a pumpkin fantasy created by successful special education teachers (Charlene Heiss & Thomas E. Uharriet), who designed it to teach children to read. Being guided by reading clues in the illustrations, and by their prior knowledge of the "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song, even "non-readers" have quickly learned to read this fun autumn fantasy book!
Paperback $9.99 

Hardcover NOW ONLY $8.88

Books Designed and Edited by Thomas E. Uharriet

Sights & Insights

Sights & Insights: The Art & Heart of John E. Heiss
This book, created and edited by Thomas E. Uharriet, brings together inspiring quotations by John E. Heiss along with some of his fascinating multi-layered glass designs depicting human beings involved in both solitary and mutual pursuits. Almost without exception the leaded glass designs focus on the physique of the human body engaged in toil, sport, and relationships.

[Background not mentioned in the book: In the 70s, in Southern California, Thomas E. Uharriet made stained glass windows in John Heiss' studios in Anaheim, Claremont, and Upland.]

Paperback $18.88


Work in Progress:

Enlightened Haiku vol 2, by Thomas E Uharriet

Enlightened Haiku: Volume 3
This soon-to-be-released third volume in the Enlightened Haiku series has the same quality of beautiful, uplifting, inspirational messages that delighted you in the first two volumes!
AMAZON Kindle $4.99

Enlightened Haiku
An Accelerated Course in Miracles

An Accelerated Course in Miracles (AACIM)
Without sacrificing the transformational substance of A Course in Miracles, Thomas E. Uharriet cuts over 30% of the words of ACIM to gain 70% more focus and clarity.

For example, where ACIM says, “I inspire all miracles, which are really intercessions. They intercede for your holiness and make your perceptions holy,” AACIM focuses those lines as, “Miracles are all inspired intercessions to make our perceptions holy.”


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